May 23 2022

Secret Desires

This is how long sex should last for women according to our escorts and they should know.


Just how long sex lasts is just as important as how good it is, so no rushing please.


This is how long sex should last according to women

It's no secret that sex that ends too soon can leave us feeling bitter and disappointed. Our ladies reveal how long as a women, they want sex to last. And the answers might surprise you.


So how long should sex last?

On average, women want sex to last a good 20  minutes, but this varies depending on age. In fact, older women say their ideal lovemaking session would last at least 25 minutes so they can get in a good shagging with plenty of orgasms.


So is duration as important as quality?

Duration is as important as the quality of the sex. Our ladies say that clients underestimate the power of cuddling, kissing and being caressed in those intimate little places with a soft tongue.


The makers of Viagra who strangely enough have a great interest in this subject, say that many times sex only lasts between 4 and 11 minutes, with a sorry average of 6 minutes. Sadly they say a lot sex sessions lasted less than  3 minutes.


Definitely a case of wip it in, wip it out and wipe it.


So a lot progress remains to be made on the duration of sex for us ladies, which is something we consider to be incredibly important when looking to leave the bedroom satisfied.


So long story short, do some foreplay - it'll help stretch out the pleasure!


Luv Ellie x x x